Project Publications

Biggers, M., Forbes, C.T., & Zangori, L. (in press). Elementary teachers' curriculum design and pedagogical reasoning for supporting students' comparison and evaluation of evidence-based explanations. The Elementary School Journal.

Forbes, C.T., Biggers, M., & Zangori, L. (in press). Investigating essential characteristics of scientific practices in elementary science learning environments: The Practices of Science Observation Protocol (P-SOP). School Science and Mathematics.

Zangori, L. & Forbes, C.T.(2013). Preservice elementary teachers and explanation construction: Knowledge-for-practice and knowledge-in-practice. Science Education, 97(2), 310-330.

Biggers, M. & Forbes, C.T. (2012). Balancing teacher and student roles in elementary classrooms: Preservice elementary teachers' ideas about the inquiry continuum. International Journal of Science Education, 10(2), 267-292.

Zangori, L., Forbes, C., & Biggers, M. (2012). This is inquiry…right? Strategies for effectively adapting elementary science lessons. Science and Children, 50(1), 48-53.

*2 more manuscripts currently 'in review'