The College’s faculty and students are at the forefront of national and global research initiatives such as standardized testing, gifted education, assistive technology, special education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, online learning, cross-disciplinary literacy, rehabilitation counseling, educational leadership, counseling psychology, and more.

Our world-class faculty and alumni are changing the face of education by inventing new apps, shaping educational policy, providing expertise in distance learning, and leading a $1.2 million project to create a new GED assessment. Students from Iowa and around the world tell us they come to the College to be mentored by some of the field’s best leaders, scholars, and innovators—faculty who have earned degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Penn, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, and more.

These faculty follow in the footsteps of great educators who came before them. Educators who have had an impact in all facets of education including introducing standardized testing to millions of students around the world and helping to make Iowa City a world-renowned center for educational testing. The College has become a dynamic mix of new research innovations coupled with initiatives that continue to build on the rich legacies that are the foundation of the College.

For information on world-class research centers at the College of Education, visit the Research Centers page under the Research & Innovation section of the website.